Combined Analysis of Multiple Glycan-Array Datasets: New Explorations of Protein-Glycan Interactions.


Glycan arrays are indispensable for learning about the specificities of glycan-binding proteins. Despite the abundance of available data, the current analysis methods do not have the ability to interpret and use the variety of data types and to integrate information across datasets. Here, we evaluated whether a novel, automated algorithm for glycan-array analysis could meet that need. We developed a regression-tree algorithm with simultaneous motif optimization and packaged it in software called MotifFinder. We applied the software to analyze data from eight different glycan-array platforms with widely divergent characteristics and observed an accurate analysis of each dataset. We then evaluated the feasibility and value of the combined analyses of multiple datasets. In an integrated analysis of datasets covering multiple lectin concentrations, the software determined approximate binding constants for distinct motifs and identified major differences between the motifs that were not apparent from single-concentration analyses. Furthermore, an integrated analysis of data sources with complementary sets of glycans produced broader views of lectin specificity than produced by the analysis of just one data source. MotifFinder, therefore, enables the optimal use of the expanding resource of the glycan-array data and promises to advance the studies of protein-glycan interactions.

  • Haab B
  • Klamer Z
PubMed ID
Appears In
Anal Chem, 2021, 93 (31)