Ring Sclerosis in Prostate Cancer: Circle of Malignancy or Benignity?


Prostate cancer osteoblastic metastases may have different morphologies, and some of these may overlap with certain benign bone lesions. In this series of 5 prostate cancer patients, we describe bone lesions with central lucency and surrounding peripheral sclerosis and their varying appearances on different imaging modalities. Although prostate cancer metastases are commonly associated with sclerotic lesions, they can also present as osteolytic or lucent lesions, and these lesions should be carefully evaluated. The findings emphasize the importance of correlation with prior imaging, comparing findings on different imaging techniques and follow-up to differentiate benign disease from metastatic disease in these situations.

  • Abiodun-Ojo OA
  • Baum Y
  • Jani AB
  • Marcus C
  • Schuster DM
PubMed ID
Appears In
Clin Nucl Med, 2021, 46 (5)