Cancer Biomarkers and Big Data: A Planetary Science Approach.


Cancer biomarker research has become a data-intensive discipline requiring innovative approaches for data analysis that can combine traditional and data-driven methods. Significant leveraging can be done transferring methodologies and capabilities across scientific disciplines, such as planetary science and astronomy, each of which are grappling with and developing similar solutions for the analysis of massive scientific data.

  • Altinok A
  • Amos CI
  • Anton K
  • Cinquini L
  • Colbert M
  • Crichton DJ
  • Feng Z
  • Goel A
  • Kelly S
  • Kincaid H
  • Liu D
  • Lombeyda S
  • Mahabal A
  • Mishra A
  • Patriotis C
  • Srivastava S
PubMed ID
Appears In
Cancer Cell, 2020, 38 (6)