Proteome Profiling Uncovers an Autoimmune Response Signature That Reflects Ovarian Cancer Pathogenesis.


Harnessing the immune response to tumor antigens in the form of autoantibodies, which occurs early during tumor development, has relevance to the detection of cancer at early stages. We conducted an initial screen of antigens associated with an autoantibody response in serous ovarian cancer using recombinant protein arrays. The top 25 recombinants that exhibited increased reactivity with cases compared to controls revealed TP53 and MYC, which are ovarian cancer driver genes, as major network nodes. A mass spectrometry based independent analysis of circulating immunoglobulin (Ig)-bound proteins in ovarian cancer and of ovarian cancer cell surface MHC-II bound peptides also revealed a TP53-MYC related network of antigens. Our findings support the occurrence of a humoral immune response to antigens linked to ovarian cancer driver genes that may have utility for early detection applications.

  • Bast RC
  • Cai Y
  • Celestino J
  • Do KA
  • Fahrmann JF
  • Hanash SM
  • Hsiao FC
  • Irajizad E
  • Katayama H
  • Kobayashi M
  • Kundnani DL
  • Ladd JJ
  • Long JP
  • Lu KH
  • Lu Z
  • Urban N
  • Vykoukal JV
  • Yang WL
  • Yu CY
PubMed ID
Appears In
Cancers (Basel), 2020, 12 (2)