Blood-based biopsies-clinical utility beyond circulating tumor cells.


Circulating tumor cells (CTCs), epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) cells, as well as a number of circulating cancer stromal cells (CStCs) are known to shed into the blood of cancer patients. Individually, and together, these cells provide biological and clinical information about the cancers. Filtration is a method used to isolate all of these cells, while eliminating red and white blood cells from whole peripheral blood. We have previously shown that accurate identification of these cell types is paramount to proper clinical assessment by describing the overlapping phenotypes of CTCs to one such CStC, the cancer-associated macrophage-like cell (CAML). We report that CAMLs possess a number of parallel applications to CTCs but have a broader range of clinical utility, including cancer screening, companion diagnostics, diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring of treatment response, and detection of recurrence. © 2018 The Authors. Cytometry Part A published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. on behalf of ISAC.

  • Adams DL
  • Amstutz PT
  • Li S
  • Makarova OV
  • Tang CM
  • Zhu P
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Cytometry A, 2018, 93 (12)