MiPanda: A Resource for Analyzing and Visualizing Next-Generation Sequencing Transcriptomics Data.

The Michigan Portal for the Analysis of NGS data portal (http://mipanda.org) is an open-access online resource that provides the scientific community with access to the results of a large-scale computational analysis of thousands of high-throughput RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) samples. The portal provides access to gene expression profiles, enabling users to interrogate expression of genes across myriad normal and cancer tissues and cell lines. From these data, tissue- and cancer-specific expression patterns can be identified. Gene-gene coexpression profiles can also be interrogated. The current portal contains data for over 20,000 RNA-seq samples and will be continually updated.

Achar RK, Cao X, Chinnaiyan AM, Gajjar T, Gaudette Z, Massaro C, Maz MP, Niknafs YS, Pandian B, Song M, Wheelock K


Neoplasia, 2018, 20 (11)

Version 5.1.0