The risk of biopsy-detectable prostate cancer using the prostate cancer prevention Trial Risk Calculator in a community setting.

Risks of prostate cancer (CaP) and high-grade CaP were evaluated using the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial Risk Calculator (PCPTRC) in an age-stratified random sample of 1,021 Caucasian and African-American men with no previous diagnosis of CaP, aged 55-74 years, residing in King County, WA, USA.

Median PCPTRC risks of CaP (high-grade CaP) were 15.6% (1.2%), 18.7% (2.0%), 18.5% (2.2%), and 26.4% (5.1%) for 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, and 70-74-year-old men, respectively; 25.2% of men aged 55-59 had a 25% or greater PCPTRC risk of CaP; this increased to 53.1% in men aged 70-74; 9.4% of men aged 55-59 had a 6% or greater PCPTRC risk of high-grade CaP, increasing to 44.1% in men aged 70-74.

PCPTRC risk of CaP in a community of US males is high and confounded with overdetected cancers. In contrast, average community PCPTRC risk of high-grade disease is low and increases gradually by age and may better serve for counseling purposes.

Ankerst DP, Feng Z, Fu R, Liang Y, Stanford JL, Thompson IM


Urol. Oncol., 2013, 31 (8)

Version 5.1.0