A mouse plasma peptide atlas as a resource for disease proteomics.

We present an in-depth analysis of mouse plasma leading to the development of a publicly available repository composed of 568 liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry runs. A total of 13,779 distinct peptides have been identified with high confidence. The corresponding approximately 3,000 proteins are estimated to span a 7 logarithmic range of abundance in plasma. A major finding from this study is the identification of novel isoforms and transcript variants not previously predicted from genome analysis.

Aebersold R, Bardeesy N, Depinho RA, Deutsch EW, Dinulescu D, Faca VM, Hanash SM, Hung KE, Jacks T, Kucherlapati R, Menon R, Newcomb LF, Omenn GS, Pitteri SJ, Politi K, States DJ, Wang H, Zhang Q


Genome Biol., 2008, 9 (6)

Version 5.1.0