Inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) mediates the early increase of blood supply (EIBS) in colon carcinogenesis.


We have recently demonstrated that dramatic alteration in mucosal microvascular blood content termed early increase in blood supply (EIBS) is a hallmark of early colon carcinogenesis. In the current study, we elucidate the mechanism of EIBS by assessing iNOS/nitric oxide axis in the histologically normal colonic mucosa of rats treated with the colon-specific carcinogen, azoxymethane. We demonstrate that there was a strong temporal correlation between EIBS and iNOS expression/activity. Importantly, we also observed that short-term treatment with nitric oxide inhibitor abrogated EIBS. These data indicate that iNOS induction may have a critical role in augmenting the predysplastic mucosal blood supply and thereby fostering colon carcinogenesis.

  • Backman V
  • Goldberg MJ
  • Hart J
  • Kim Y
  • Koetsier JL
  • Kunte DP
  • Liu Y
  • Roy HK
  • Wali RK
PubMed ID
Appears In
FEBS Lett, 2007, 581 (20)