Methylation pattern of CDH13 gene in digestive tract cancers.


Recently, the loss of CDH13 (T-cadherin, H-cadherin) gene expression accompanied by CDH13 promoter methylation was identified in colon cancers. We examined CDH13 methylation in oesophageal and gastric carcinomas. Five of 37 oesophageal cancers (14%) and 23 of 66 gastric cancers (35%) demonstrated abnormal methylation of the CDH13 promoter. Abnormal methylation was frequently found in gastric cancers of patients at all clinical stages just as in E-cadherin, another of the cadherin family, suggesting that these cancers could be methylated at an early stage. These results suggested that CDH13 might play a variety of roles depending on the tissue type.


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  • Akiyama S
  • Hibi K
  • Ito K
  • Kodera Y
  • Nakao A
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Br J Cancer, 2004, 91 (6)