Definition of a tumor suppressor locus within human chromosome 3p21-p22.


Cytogenetic abnormalities and high-frequency allele losses involving the short arm of human chromosome 3 have been identified in a variety of histologically different neoplasms. These findings suggest that a tumor-suppressor gene or genes may be located in the region of 3p14-p25, although there has been no definitive functional proof for the involvement of a particular region of 3p. We report a rapid genetic assay system that has allowed functional analysis of defined regions of 3p in the suppression of tumorigenicity in vivo. Interspecific microcell hybrids containing fragments of chromosome 3p were constructed and screened for tumorigenicity in athymic nude mice. Hybrid clones were obtained that showed a dramatic tumor suppression and contained a 2-megabase fragment of human chromosomal material encompassing the region 3p21 near the interface with 3p22. With these hybrid clones, we have defined a genetic locus at 3p21-p22 intimately involved in tumor suppression.

  • Giambernardi TA
  • Killary AM
  • Naylor SL
  • Wolf ME
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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 1992, 89 (22)