Transforming properties of a Q18-->E mutation of the microtubule regulator Op18.

We have identified a somatic mutation in Op18 in a human esophageal adenocarcinoma. The mutant form of Op18 (M-Op18) was cloned and sequenced, revealing a substitution of a G for C at nucleotide 155, which results in a Q18-->E substitution in the protein. M-Op18 cDNA was expressed in NIH/3T3 cells, which resulted in foci formation and tumor growth in immunodeficient mice. Cell cycle analysis of M-Op18-expressing cells revealed a doubling in the percentage of cells in G2/M relative to cells overexpressing wild-type Op18, a decrease in M-Op18-specific phosphorylation, and alterations in tubulin ultrastructure in M-Op18-expressing cells. These results suggest that the somatic mutation identified in Op18 has profound effects on cell homeostasis that may lead to tumorigenicity.

Beer DG, Chang CL, Giordano TJ, Hanash SM, Hinderer R, Kuick R, Misek DE


Cancer Cell, 2002, 2 (3)

Version 5.1.0