The association of microsomal epoxide hydrolase polymorphisms and lung cancer risk in African-Americans and Mexican-Americans.


This study evaluated the influence of genetic polymorphisms in the microsomal epoxide hydrolase (mEPHX) gene on lung cancer risk in a case-control study of two different ethnic groups, Mexican-Americans and African-Americans. There were 138 lung cancer cases (60 Mexican-American and 78 African-American) and 148 controls (76 Mexican-American and 72 African-American). There was a significant difference in the distribution of the mEPHX exon 4 polymorphism between the two ethnic groups with African-Americans more likely to be heterozygous and Mexican-Americans to be wild-type. There was no significant difference between the ethnic groups for the allelic distribution of the mEPHX exon 3 polymorphism. When the exon 4 and exon 3 polymorphism distributions in cases and controls were examined by ethnicity, only the Mexican-American cases showed a substantial proportion with the exon 4 polymorphism. The exon 4 polymorphism was associated with a significantly increased risk of lung cancer only among the Mexican-American cases (adjusted OR 3.6, 95% CI 1.26, 10.42). Younger Mexican-Americans with the exon 4 polymorphism had a greater risk of lung cancer than older members of their groups (adjusted OR 7.4, 95% CI 1.36, 40.23; 1.6, 95% CI 0.33, 7.80, respectively). The exon 3 polymorphism did not appear to significantly increase the risk of lung cancer in all but one study group examined. Mexican-Americans younger than 65 years did demonstrate an elevated risk of lung cancer (adjusted OR 4.6, 95% CI 1.19, 17.56). However, no statistically significant risk was observed in the African-American study groups for both exon 3 and exon 4 polymorphisms. These findings suggest that the presence of the exon 4 and exon 3 polymorphisms of mEPHX may be associated with an increased risk of lung cancer particularly among younger Mexican-Americans in this study.

  • Amos CI
  • Gwyn K
  • Hong WK
  • Makan N
  • Spitz MR
  • Wu X
PubMed ID
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Carcinogenesis, 2001, 22 (6)