Identification of protein and genetic biomarkers of prostate cancer and risk factors for progression of disease

Identification of protein and genetic biomarkers of prostate cancer

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Prostate and Urologic Cancers Research Group

To collect biological samples from subjects with prostate cancer to improve the accuracy of prostate screening, identify markers that will predict how aggressive prostate cancers can be, and provide accurate information about how rapidly prostate cancer can worsen.

Expand recruitment of our prevalent prostate cancer protocol to enroll subjects with prostate cancer into a follow up protocol to improve ability to correlate biologic samples with prostate cancer outcomes. We will target men who are > 5 years after diagnosis and treatment in whom disease progression or recurrence has not occurred and men who have documented metastatic or biochemical recurrences to allow assessment of constitutional variants related to disease prognosis and outcome. Subaim is to obtain DNA from collaborator at NCI from men with documented metastasis (n>500) and perform genetic analysis.
Assuming a two-sided test of binomial proportions with α=0.05 and power=0.80, and a 1:1 case-control ratio of 800 cases and 800 controls, will provide greater than 80% power to detect odds ratios of ≥1.50 when the prevalence of a marker occurs in 20% of the control population. Likewise, we will be able to detect an odds ratio >1.75 (for 833 cases, or odds ratio ≥ 1.77 for 800 cases) when the marker is present in 5% of control subjects as shown in Table 9.
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