Development and Evaluation of a Tumor Marker for Prostate Cancer

Development and Evaluation of a Tumor Marker for Prostate Cancer

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EPCA-2, GSTPi, PSA, % free PSA, 2proPSA, BPSA, PBOV-1, JM-27, TSG, IL18, Endoglin (CD105), PCAM-1
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Prostate and Urologic Cancers Research Group

The primary objective is to work with the EDRN steering committee, the NCI administration, EDRN co-investigators, industrial partners and other biomarker scientists to further facilitate the rapid vertical evaluation and implementation of useful biomarkers into clinical practice.

1) Collection and archiving of matched serum and urine specimens for biomarker research. Collected from men who are in the early detection, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring stages for prostate cancer. All specimens are available for collaborative research through proper EDRN/NCI- Investigator approval processes for EDRN purposes. 2)Participation in prospective EDRN coordinated pre-Validation and validation studies of several biomarkers for prostate cancer. 3)Explore analyses of novel tumor marker technologies and multi-variable model development.
Various assay techniques

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