Discovery of novel genomic classifiers for improved management of active surveillance patients


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Prostate and Urologic Cancers Research Group

. Primary Study Objective(s): Discover and validate a fit-for-purpose gene-expression based signature for the active surveillance population II. Secondary Study Objective(s): 1. Validate existing locked gene expression signatures for their performance in Canary PASS cohort 2. In depth examination of tumor biology from a subset of ‘extreme outliers’ in CANARY PASS a. Cases that developed metastasis or died of their disease b. Cases that were on AS for 10 years with no evidence of grade reclassification … Proteomics … (Collaborative Groups: Prostate and Urologic Cancers Research Group)

This project will create a digital genomic landscape of the Canary PASS cohort to enable the evaluation and validation of numerous molecular signatures, including the tumor molecular subtypes (eg basal/luminal subtypes). This is a critical step in achieving our overall goal of improved risk stratification and prognosis in AS patients to reduce overtreatment and improve surveillance regimens without increasing PCa deaths.

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