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PCA3 Reference Set Application: Arul Chinnaiyan (2020)

PCA3 Ref Set App: Chinnaiyan (2020)
Feng, ZidingFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
MyProsateScore (MPS), PSA PCA3, TMPRSS2:ERG
No design specified.
Prostate and Urologic Cancers Research Group

The MyProstateScore (MPS) test was validated for improved detection of clinically-significant (Grade Group [GG] ≥2) prostate cancer relative to PSA-based risk calculators. We sought to validate an optimal MPS threshold for clinical use in ruling-out GG ≥2 cancer in men referred for biopsy.

Biopsy-naïve men provided post-digital rectal examination (DRE) urine prior to biopsy. MPS was calculated using the validated, locked multivariable model including only serum PSA, urinary PCA3, and urinary TMPRSS2:ERG. The MPS threshold approximating 95% sensitivity for GG ≥2 cancer was identified in a training cohort, and performance was measured in two external validation cohorts. We assessed the (i) overall biopsy-referral population and (ii) population meeting guideline-based testing criteria (ie, PSA 3-10; or PSA <3 with suspicious DRE).

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