EDRN Breast and Ovary Cancer CVC, Study 4: Phase 3 Validation of Ovarian Cancer Serum Markers in Preclinical WHI Samples

CVC Study 4

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CA125, HE4, MSLN, MMP7
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Breast and Gynecologic Cancers Research Group

Utilizing the findings from Studies 2 and 3, Study 4 will validate the ovarian cancer markers and screening decision rules in a completely independent set of serial preclinical samples from WHI, a setting in which no ovarian cancer screening occurred

To optimize and validate ovarian cancer screening decision rules using serum markers, and evaluate the contribution of epidemiologic risk factors to these rules: 1.   Identify the best assays for use in measuring HE4, MSLN, MMP7 and SLPI by evaluating candidate assays in clinical samples and in preclinical samples available from the CARET repository. 2.   Using 240 cases and 480 matched controls from the WHI OS we will define and optimize decision rules. 3. Using approximately 160 cases and 640 matched controls from the WHI CT we will test the decision rules developed in Aim 2.
ROC curves; logistic regression

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