EDRN Breast and Ovary Cancer CVC, Study 2: Phase 3 retrospective validation of ovarian cancer early detection markers in serial preclinical samples from the PLCO trial

CVC Study 2

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CA125, HE4, MSLN, MMP7
No design specified.
Breast and Gynecologic Cancers Research Group

This is a Phase 3 validation study that aims to validate and refine two- and four-marker algorithms using serial preclinical samples from the PLCO trial.

1.   To validate and refine 2-marker and 4-marker algorithms. 2. In a separate independent validation set (the blinded half of the PLCO serial samples) we will validate the refined 2-marker and 4-marker algorithms.
ROC curves; logistic regression

There are currently no biomarkers annotated for this protocol.

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