Liver Full Reference Set Application :Timothy Block - Drexel Univ (2010)

Abbreviated Name
Liver Full Ref Set App: Block (2010)
Lead Investigator
Block, TimothyDrexel University College of Medicine
Coordinating Investigator
Feng, Ziding Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Involved Investigators


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Directly compare GP73 and fucosylated markers against AFP, AFP-L3 and DCP as well as test them in combination with these markers

Analytic Method

For data analysis, Receiver Operating Curves (ROC) should be generated for the Gp73 and fucosylated kininogen either alone and in combination with AFP, AFP-L3 and DCP and the area under the curve determined (AUROC). No training sets will be required. Markers will be directly compared by their AUROC values and ranked accordingly. The following will be criteria for advancement of a biomarker status and further testing: Statistically significant with alpha = 10% AUROC improvement in the distinction of cirrhosis from HCC with the addition of marker(s) to AFP alone for the full set of samples OR in defined subsets, e.g. AFP negatives, early tumor stage. The ultimate target is to find a combination of markers that will improve on current AFP-alone sensitivity and specificity, such that we will be able to achieve > 90% sensitivity and > 85% specificity for the distinction of cirrhosis from HCC.


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Start Date
Aug 1 2010
Estimated Finish Date
Oct 1 2010
Finish Date
Dec 6 2011
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Reference Set
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Collaborative Group
G.I. and Other Associated Cancers Research Group
Cancer Types
  • Liver cell carcinoma
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