Lung Reference Set A Application: Edward Hirschowitz - University of Kentucky (2009)

Lung Ref Set A App: Hirschowitz (2009)
Feng, ZidingFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
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Lung and Upper Aerodigestive Cancers Research Group

We are continuing validation with two advanced objectives: 1) To evaluate assay performance for established lung cancer diagnosed in a clinical population 2) to confirm results that indicate this marker set may detect cancer and predict the onset of NSCLC prior to radiographic detection in a screened population.

Aim 1. To pre-validate assay performance in a high-risk clinical population from an alternate demographic. We intend to validate the predictive accuracy of our markers for clinically diagnosed lung cancer, identify the limits of the assay in individuals with benign lung disease, and determine marker specificity for lung vs. other cancers. Pre-validation will define performance in samples from an alternate demographic and generate classifiers with which to construct optimalperformance criteria that can be applied to class prediction for subsequent blinded analysis of a larger EDRN clinical reference set.
Assay. The diagnostic chip includes capture proteins for the most predictive markers and empty T7 phage controls in replicates of eight, randomly distributed across the chip. The methodology for all studies will be identical to that described in published manuscripts and preliminary results section.

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