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Zhong 5-antibody panel for Lung Cancer



QA State: Curated
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A potential autoantibody profile was developed to screen for non-small cell lung cancer. 212 immunogenic phage-expressed proteins were statistically ranked for their individual reactivity with 23 stage I cancer patient and 23 risk-matched control samples. Measurements of the five most predictive antibody markers in 46 cases and controls were combined. While the identity of these phage-expressed proteins is not critical for use in a diagnostic assay, the identities were determined through a nucleotide search of GenBank. Markers are: paxillin, SEC 15L2, BAC clone RP11-499F19, XRCC5, and MALAT1.

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Phase: Two
QA State: Curated


Antibody profiling may be a useful tool for early detection of NSCLC.


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