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Spira 80-marker panel plus clinical factors



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This clinicogenomic model incorporates the gene expression pattern of histologcially normal large airway epithelial cells collected at time of bronchoscopy (see 'Spira 80-marker panel for lung cancer') with clinical parameters about lung cancer risk.

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Phase: One
QA State: Curated


The Spira 80-marker panel for lung cancer biomarker was developed by using the gene expression patterns obtained from cytologically normal large airway epithelial cells from smokers undergoing bronchoscopy for suspiction of lung cancer. The results from the bronchosopy are 100% specific for lung cancer, but has a limited sensitivity of 30-80% depending ont he stage and location of the cancer. Therefore, difficult decisions must be made regarding care and treatment of patients with potentially early-stage, treatable, curable cancers. By adding the clinical factors to the 80-marker panel, the predictive nature of the model has been improved.


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