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Spira 80-marker panel for lung cancer



QA State: Curated
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This 80-gene biomarker panel is used to distinguish smokers with lung cancer from smokers without lung cancer. The biomarker panel had approximately 90% sensitivity for stage 1 cancer across all subjects. Adding cytopathology data gives 95% sensitivity and 95% negative predictive value. (7 of the 80 biomarker probesets had no annotated gene symbol associated with them.) List of genes in the panel: DMD, NELL2, FGF14, TMEM47, ANXA3, PLA2G4A, DNAJC12, SLC39A8, DEFB1, PPBP, C6, FCGR3A, IL8, SERPINA1, CXCL2, RGS1, DUSP6, TOB1, FOS, SOX9, CD55, CD55, SLC4A4, CD164, ATP6AP2, ARL6IP5, CCT2, UBXD2, RAB1A, TRAM1, TMED2, YWHAE, C1orf80, TPD52, ACTR2, CPNE3, PTK9, UBE2J1, FXR1, SPN, PPP2CA, AD7C-NTP, STARD7, KIAA0738, RPL35A, GTF2H3, ZNF611, LOC152719, PRR11, ZC3H7B, ZNF354A, UBE2D2, ZNF160, FBXW12, ALMS1, ATP8B1, BACH2, TSR1, HDGF2, FLJ14346, LOC653471, DCLRE1C, DUOX1, LOC153561, DKFZP434A0131, GLT28D1, SENP6, FTO, LMO4, CCDC81, COX5B, FTL, NUCKS1

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Phase: One
QA State: Curated


Gene expression in histologically normal large-airway epithelial cells in smokers with the suspicion of lung cancer was studied to determine if a lung cancer biomarker could be developed. Samples were obtained at bronchoscopy and divided into a training set and a testing set. Results showed that gene expression in cytologically normal large-airway epithelial cells can serve as a lung cancer biomarker. This panel biomarker is currently being verified for its application for nasal epithelium.


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