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Somalogic 12-marker panel for lung cancer



QA State: Curated
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The sensitivity and specificity of our 12-biomarker panel improves upon published protein and gene expression panels. The 12-protein panel consists of cadherin-1 (CDH1), CD30 ligand (TNFSF8), endostatin, HSP90a, LRIG3, MIP-4 (CCL18), pleiotrophin, PRKCI, RGM-C (HFE2), SCF-sR (KIT), sL-selectin (SELL), and YES. The panel discriminates NSCLC from controls with 91% sensitivity and 84% specificity in cross-validated training and 89% sensitivity and 83% specificity in a separate verification set, with similar performance for early and late stage NSCLC.

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Phase: Two
QA State: Curated


This study identified 44 potential lung cancer biomarkers that discriminate stages I-III NSCLC cases from at-risk heavy smoker controls. The top performing classifier panel was composed of the 12 markers in this panel.


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