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Hanash 3 marker panel for Lung Cancer



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The EDRN validation study ("Validation of Protein Markers for Lung Cancer Using CARET Sera and Proteomics Techniques") presents evidence for the occurrence in lung cancer sera of autoantibodies to annexin 1, 14-3-3 theta and LAMR1, which precede the onset of symptoms and diagnosis. The combined AUC for these three antigens in CARET pre-clinical lung cancer sera vs. matched controls was 0.73. While autoantibodies to various cancer antigens have been reported in newly diagnosed lung cancer patient sera, an important aspect of this study is testing for occurrence of autoantibodies in pre-diagnostic sera and demonstration of significant autoantibody reactivity against LAMR1, annexin 1 and 14-3-3 theta.

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Phase: Three
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This study provides evidence for a predictive effect, in pre-diagnostic lung cancer sera, of a 3-biomarker panel for lung cancer. The panel is comprised of three antigens, annexin 1, LAMR1 and 14-3-3 theta.

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Validation of Protein Markers for Lung Cancer Using CARET Sera and Proteomics Techniques

1.1 To validate the finding from pilot studies with CARET sera of autoantibodies to annexins I and II and PGP9.5 as potential biomarkers for lung cancers before the clinical diagnosis, evaluating sensitivity and specificity by time before diagnosis, treatment arm, gender, histologic type, and smoking status. 1.2 To determine whether a pattern of occurrence of autoantibodies in lung cancer sera may be diagnostic of lung cancer that is not dependent on the occurrence of any particular autoantibody. 1.3 To compare the findings for individual biomarker candidates and combinations of biomarker candidates in participants who were current smokers versus former smokers.

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Sensitivity/Specificity Information
Notes Sensitivity Specificity Prevalence NPV PPV
Individual sera collected from 85 subjects within a year prior to a diagnosis of lung cancer and 85 matched controls from the CARET cohort were used in this analysis. Sam Hanash laboratory. 51.0 82.0 N/A N/A N/A
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