The EDRN provides a comprehensive informatics activity which includes a number of tools and an integrated knowledge environment for capturing, managing, integrating, and sharing results from across EDRN's cancer biomarker research network.

See also the Informatics FAQ: frequently asked questions—with answers.


Resource Name Description
EDRN Knowledge System
EDRN Knowledge System
Both public and secure access to the programmatic and scientific results of EDRN research. Open to the public. EDRN login gains greater access.
Laboratory Catalog and Archive System
An infrastructure for investigators in EDRN to securely capture, process, and dissemination data to other investigators. LabCAS DocumentationEDRN login required.
Virtual Study Information Management System
A tool, developed by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, used to support EDRN validation studies. EDRN login required.
EDRN Protocol Database, eSIS
A database of EDRN protocols. EDRN login required.
EDRN Secure Web Site
Secure Site
An internal EDRN site hosted by the EDRN DMCC for sharing policies and other information. EDRN login required.
An integrated cancer mutation and expression resource for exploring cancer biomarkers alongside related experimental data and functional information. Open to the public.



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EDRN informatics leadership is provided by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's EDRN Informatics Center and the Fred Hutchinson EDRN Data Management and Coordinating Center (DMCC).

Version 5.1.2