Showe, Louise C.

Fax: 215-495-6812
DMCC Person ID: 3682
EDRN Title: EDRN Principal Investigator
Specialty: None given

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Publication Name PubMed ID Journal
A Gene Expression Classifier from Whole Blood Distinguishes Benign from Malignant Lung Nodules Detected by Low-Dose CT. 30487137 Cancer Res.
ADAR1 controls apoptosis of stressed cells by inhibiting Staufen1-mediated mRNA decay. 28436945 Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol.
BET Inhibitors Suppress ALDH Activity by Targeting ALDH1A1 Super-Enhancer in Ovarian Cancer. 27803105 Cancer Res.
Epigenetic specifications of host chromosome docking sites for latent Epstein-Barr virus. 32054837 Nat Commun
Involvement of condensin in cellular senescence through gene regulation and compartmental reorganization. 31831736 Nat Commun
Long non-coding RNAs in metastasis. 29230620 Cancer Metastasis Rev.
N<sup>6</sup>-Methylation of Adenosine of <i>FZD10</i> mRNA Contributes to PARP Inhibitor Resistance. 30967398 Cancer Res.
Repression of BET activity sensitizes homologous recombination-proficient cancers to PARP inhibition. 28747513 Sci Transl Med
Structural and functional analysis of the human POT1-TPP1 telomeric complex. 28393830 Nat Commun
TIGIT and Helios Are Highly Expressed on CD4<sup>+</sup> T Cells in Sézary Syndrome Patients. 27592800 J. Invest. Dermatol.
Transgenic Expression of the Mitochondrial Chaperone TNFR-associated Protein 1 (TRAP1) Accelerates Prostate Cancer Development. 27754870 J. Biol. Chem.

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