Tomlins, Scott

Open Protocols

Protocol Name Investigatory Role Biomarkers Data Collections
Characterization of SPINK1 in Prostate Cancer (A sub-study of a single biomarker) Involved 1 0
Development and Validation of Tissue Microarray Technology to Evaluate Molecular Alterations in Cancer. IRBMED# 2000-0108 Involved 0 0
Discovery of Novel Gene Elements Associated with Prostate Cancer Progression Involved 8 0
Molecular Profiling of Cancer: Identification and Characterization of Candidate Biomarkers and Regulatory Genes. IRBMED # 2001-0155 Involved 0 0
Pre-validation of TMPRSS2:ERG+PCA3 risk models for men on active surveillance Involved 3 0
Prostate Biopsy Clinical Database/Tissue Bank IRBMED# 2004-0442 Involved 0 0
Tumor Profiling through High-throughput Sequencing Involved 0 0

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