Herman, James

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Indeterminate pulmonary nodule biomarker clinical utility trial Leading 0 0
Validation of Molecular Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Lung Cancer in the setting of Indeterminate Pulmonary Nodules (Lung Team Project #2) Involved 15 1

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Publication NamePubMed IDJournal
A sample-to-answer droplet magnetofluidic assay platform for quantitative methylation-specific PCR. 29594810 Biomed Microdevices
Detection of Promoter DNA Methylation in Urine and Plasma Aids the Detection of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. 32430478 Clin Cancer Res
DNA-methylation for the detection and distinction of 19 human malignancies. 33666134 Epigenetics
Facile profiling of molecular heterogeneity by microfluidic digital melt. 30263958 Sci Adv
Highly Efficient Real-Time Droplet Analysis Platform for High-Throughput Interrogation of DNA Sequences by Melt. 31356737 Anal Chem
Leveraging locus-specific epigenetic heterogeneity to improve the performance of blood-based DNA methylation biomarkers. 33081832 Clin Epigenetics
Ligation-Enabled Fluorescence-Coding PCR for High-Dimensional Fluorescence-Based Nucleic Acid Detection. 33427441 Anal Chem
Multilayer microfluidic array for highly efficient sample loading and digital melt analysis of DNA methylation. 30623957 Lab Chip
Noninvasive Diagnostics for Early Detection of Lung Cancer: Challenges and Potential with a Focus on Changes in DNA Methylation. 33148791 Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev
Ultrasensitive DNA hypermethylation detection using plasma for early detection of NSCLC: a study in Chinese patients with very small nodules. 32138766 Clin Epigenetics


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