Paulovich, Amanda

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Breast Reference Set Application: Paulovich (2018) Leading 1 0
Combining Avatar Mice and Targeted Mass Spectrometry to Identify Plasma Biomarkers of Breast Cancer Leading 161 0
Identification of biomarkers for ER+ breast cancer Involved 0 0

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Targeted Proteomics
Development of multiplex thematic assay panels (e.g. targeting cell signaling pathways, protein complexes, etc.) to enable high throughput pharmacodynamics studies for biological studies or lead compound characterization
DNA damage response
•Identification of biomarkers of tissue injury, using exposure to ionizing radiation as a model.
•Characterization of inter- and intra-individual variation in the cellular genotoxic stress response (in both normal and tumor cells), and relation of this variation to clinically relevant endpoints (e.g. risk for malignancy, short and long term toxicity from genotoxic agents, response to genotoxic therapies, etc.).
•Elucidation of biological responses to exposure to sublethal doses of genotoxic agents.

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