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A Methylation Panel for Bladder Cancer Involved 0 0
Aurora Kinase A as a Biomarker for the Detection of Bladder Cancer - Supplemental Pre-Validation Protocol Coordinating 0 0
Early Molecular Detection of Invasive Bladder Cancer by Urine Examination Leading 0 0
Molecular Genetics of Urinary Bladder Carcinoma Leading 0 0
Molecular Progression of Methylation in Bladder Cancer Involved 0 0

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Early Detection of Urinary Bladder Cancer Coordinating 0 0
Methylation & Proteomics-Based Detection of Bladder Cancer Involved 0 0


Publication NamePubMed IDJournal
Aberrant methylation of HIN-1 (high in normal-1) is a frequent event in many human malignancies. 15472908 Int J Cancer
Aberrant promoter methylation profile of bladder cancer and its relationship to clinicopathological features. 11751381 Cancer Res
Alterations in transcription clusters underlie development of bladder cancer along papillary and nonpapillary pathways. 15778693 Lab Invest
Amplification/overexpression of a mitotic kinase gene in human bladder cancer. 12208897 J Natl Cancer Inst
Correlation of metastasis related gene expression and relapse-free survival in patients with locally advanced bladder cancer treated with cystectomy and chemotherapy. 14713761 J Urol
Filling the void: urinary markers for bladder cancer risk and diagnosis. 11259458 J Natl Cancer Inst
Focus on bladder cancer. 15324694 Cancer Cell
Genetic mapping and DNA sequence-based analysis of deleted regions on chromosome 16 involved in progression of bladder cancer from occult preneoplastic conditions to invasive disease. 11526485 Oncogene
Genetic modeling of human urinary bladder carcinogenesis. 10719370 Genes Chromosomes Cancer
High-resolution whole-organ mapping with SNPs and its significance to early events of carcinogenesis. 15908911 Lab Invest
Interaction and feedback regulation between STK15/BTAK/Aurora-A kinase and protein phosphatase 1 through mitotic cell division cycle. 11551964 J Biol Chem
Mapping and genome sequence analysis of chromosome 5 regions involved in bladder cancer progression. 11454992 Lab Invest
Mitotic phosphorylation of histone H3: spatio-temporal regulation by mammalian Aurora kinases. 11784863 Mol Cell Biol
Molecular detection of noninvasive and invasive bladder tumor tissues and exfoliated cells by aberrant promoter methylation of laminin-5 encoding genes. 14973053 Cancer Res
Specific chromosome aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes are associated with risk of bladder cancer. 15390184 Genes Chromosomes Cancer


Molecular pathogenesis of early bladder carcinogenesis
We use a strategy of whole-organ histologic and genetic mapping to identify the chromosomal regions involved in incipient clinically occult phases of bladder carcinogenesis. This approach has resulted in the assembly of the first genome sequence-based map of bladder cancer progression from preneoplastic conditions to invasive cancer. This database is available at and serves a major resource: (1) for development of markers for early bladder cancer detection, (2) targeting of genes involved in incipient phases of bladder cancer, (3) genome sequence analysis for identification of unique structural features predisposing to the development of neoplasia.

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