Mercola, Dan

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The Prostate Tumor Microenvironment Exhibits differentially expressed Genes Useful for Diagnosis Coordinating 352 0
Upgrading Reference Set Involved 0 0

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Prostate Upgrading Team Project Involved 0 0


Publication NamePubMed IDJournal
A sample selection strategy to boost the statistical power of signature detection in cancer expression profile studies. 22934703 Anticancer Agents Med Chem
An accurate prostate cancer prognosticator using a seven-gene signature plus Gleason score and taking cell type heterogeneity into account. 23028830 PLoS One
Diagnosis of prostate cancer using differentially expressed genes in stroma. 21459804 Cancer Res
Expression changes in the stroma of prostate cancer predict subsequent relapse. 22870216 PLoS One
In silico estimates of tissue components in surgical samples based on expression profiling data. 20663908 Cancer Res
Modeling the width and placement of riparian vegetated buffer strips: a case study on the Chi-Jia-Wang stream, Taiwan. 12448405 J Environ Manage
Plasma-derived exosomal survivin, a plausible biomarker for early detection of prostate cancer. 23091600 PLoS One
Prostate cancer postoperative nomogram scores and obesity. 21390220 PLoS One
TGF-β mediated DNA methylation in prostate cancer. 25133096 Transl Androl Urol


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