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Specimen Reference Sets

Documentation, EDRN guidelines, and application forms for specimen reference sets

General Documents for Reference Sets

EDRN Guidelines

Application Form for EDRN Reference Sets (Fillable Word Document)

Ovarian & Breast Cancer Reference Sets

Biomarker Reference Sets for Cancers in Women (BRSCW) (PDF)
Description of pooled reference sets for ovarian and breast cancer serum specimens
BRSCW Application Form (Fillable Word Document)

Breast Cancer Reference Set

Breast Reference Set Summary (PDF)

Breast Reference Set Protocol (PDF)

Breast Reference Set Participant and Clinical Forms (PDF)

Breast Reference Set Application Form (Fillable Word Document)

Lung Cancer Reference Sets

Lung Cancer Reference Set Documentation (PDF)
The goal of the NCI/EDRN/SPORE Lung Cancer Biomarkers Group (LCBG) is to develop the requisite sample resources to pre-validate serum/plasma biomarkers for the early diagnosis of lung cancer.
Lung Cancer Reference Set Application Form (Online Form)

Colon Cancer Reference Set

Colon Cancer Reference Set Description (PDF)


Prostate Cancer Reference Set

Prostate Cancer Reference Set Description (PDF)
One of the goals of the EDRN Genitourinary (GU) Collaborative Group is the establishment of a biologic sample set on men prior to prostate biopsy, in association with clinical information and common data elements appropriate for evaluation of risk and prognosis of prostate cancer.

Liver (Hepatocellular Carcinoma) Reference Set

Hepatocellular Carcinoma Reference Set Description (PDF)

EDRN Benign Breast Disease Tissue Resource (BBD)

BBD Reference Set Application (PDF)

BBD Reference Set Summary Document (PDF)

SOP For Selection of Benign Breast Disease Project

Pancreatic Standard Specimen Reference Set

Pancreatic Standard Specimen Reference Set Application (PDF)

PCA3 Validation Study and Urinary Reference Set

PCA3 Validation Study and Urinary Reference Set Application (PDF)

Bladder Cancer (MSA)Reference Set

Bladder Cancer Reference Set Application (PDF)
2015 EDRN PI Orientation

The New and Continuing EDRN Principal Investigator Orientation will take place October 15–16, 2015 in Bethesda, Maryland.

Announcement 04/08/2015

Thank you to everyone who made the 29th EDRN Steering Committee Meeting a success. The orientation for new and continuing EDRN PIs will be held October 15-16, 2015 on the NCI campus. More information will be available later this summer.